Parasite Eve (PlayStation)

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  • [9280]
    I'm testing this out on mednafen for later. I should remember to not disable fullscreen stretching, as it will attempt to open weird unsupported resolutions. Use this: psx.stretch aspect_int.
  • [9281]
    Damn, that sampled opera voice sounds so insane. It reminds me of Eric Serra's 'The Diva Dance' from 'The Fifth Element' soundtrack. The movie came out in early 1997, could be a big inspiration.
  • 2018-11-11
  • [9291]
    Mikkel, Tuki, and I played a couple of hours of this. Mikkel and I especially enjoy the PlayStation aesthetics and I love the music, although I'm not sure I think it fits the style of the game that well. The Mitochondria storyline is nice and crazy, but it is told at a snail's pace, very much like a Final Fantasy game. It was hard for us to stay motivated to keep playing.


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