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A port of Irem's 1984 arcade game Kung-Fu Master, released as 'Spartan X' in Japan, and based on the 1984 martial arts comedy movie 'Wheels on Meals' with Jackie Chan.
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log entries

  • 9282
    I never played this game before, but when I decided to do my first ROM hack of this particular game, I spent the last many hours getting to know the game a little better.
  • 9283
    I wanted to record a video of my ROM-hacked end sequence of the game, and since I really haven't played this before, I decided to learn how to cheat in the Mednafen emulator. I found the relevant addresses on and figured out how to use Mednafen's neat cheat interface, which seems a bit underdocumented right now. The cheat interface is accessed by pressing Alt-c and the game is frozen while you enter codes (including video recording).
  • 9284
    I wanted an invincibility cheat. The player hit points is a byte value $00-$30 stored at address $04A6. I wanted a cheat that set this value to $30 whenever it was accessed. In the cheat interface, I did this the following way:
    > 2 (Cheat Search...)
    > 1 (Add Cheat)
    Name: hits
    Type: S (Substitue on reads)
    Address: $4a6
    Value: $30
    Enable? Y
  • 9285
    The cheat worked, except for when a level ends and the hit points are converted into bonus points. This will go on forever, because the cheat resets the value to 0 every time it is read. So, when a level ends, the cheat should be temporarily disabled.
  • 9286
    The final boss was a bit tricky as well, so I set his hitpoints to $01 and then disabled the cheat to defeat him with a single low kick. Disabling the cheat was necessary to enable his hit points to go below $01 when I kicked him.
  • 9287
    Got the score 30340 in GAME A (Mednafen).
  • 2018-11-11
  • 9290
    I like Kung Fu, and I would have absolutely loved it back in 1985. I can see where Shadow of the Beast got its gameplay from. I'm practicing a bit, the second level is very difficult, but the third one seems OK. It seems the big guy at the end of level 3 is subsceptible to a quick succession of punches in the groin.
  • 2018-11-13
  • 9296
    Got the score 74360 in GAME A (Mednafen). I streamed a video to underscore that I've changed the name of the YouTube channel from OCDgamer to syltefar. I'm done with OCDgamer, there are now a whole bunch of OCD gamers on YouTube, and my brand is all polluted now :D. The name was always meant as a joke, but now I'll be returning to an earlier joke name - 'syltefar' - from back in 2008 when I made my Xbox account. I hope that I can have syltefar for myself. Oh yeah, and I reached the end of stage 4 with the monkey guy.
  • 2019-09-22
  • 10023
    Got the Stick Fighter - Beginner achievement. - I installed the newest version of RetroArch, entered my account, and ran Kung Fu using the Mesen emulator (which is apparently the cool new very accurate emulator). I got an achievement for beating the first level.


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