Sniper Elite 4 (PlayStation 4)

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Log entries

  • [9322]
    I enjoyed playing the Xbox One version I got with my Game Pass enough that I wanted to play this game at a 30% better frame rate. The PS4 version should do that, so I ordered a copy.
  • 2018-11-29
  • [9328]
    I was worried that it would be boring to play mission 1 again after having played it on the Xbox One, but it wasn't. It's actually more fun, now that I have more of a feeling of the mechanics. On normal difficulty, this is a fun, easy sniper game.
  • 2018-12-01
  • [9332]
    I completed mission 2-4. The openness of the levels, satisfying stealth kills, and a simple meta-game structure consisting of a short number of long levels reminds me of Tenchu.
  • 2018-12-02
  • [9334]
    I kind of ruined mission 5 for myself by going for shoulder aimed rifle kills (which you do by press L2 halfway in), in order to unlock an upgrade for my rifle. I got it, so I never have to do that again. Now I'm all about shooting the nazis in the cold hearts. Which should unlock the final upgrade for the rifle.
  • 2018-12-07
  • [9344]
    Mission 6 done.
  • 2018-12-08
  • [9345]
    Mission 7 done.
  • [9346]
    completed the game on Marksman (Normal, 2/4) difficulty (Campaign). Completed mission 8, which was a fun Metal Gear-like fortress infiltration mission, ending with a dumb speech from villian I didn't care about, and shooting down his plane with a rifle. Pretty bad ending, but I don't care, the game was fun!
  • 2020-04-19
  • [10624]
    I played the first two campaign missions coop with Malu.
  • [10625]
    A fact about PS4 LAN party multiplayer: If the game is free-to-play, everyone can play online, regardless of them having a PS Plus subscription. However, if the game is not free-to-play, you can still play online multiplayer with 2 users, where only one user has a PS Plus subscription. The PS Plus user needs to set the PS4 that they are *not* playing on as their 'primary system'. This allow *other users* on that PS4 to play any game online. And then another user can play online multiplayer with the PS Plus user, who's using another PS4. See for more info.


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