Punch-Out!! (Wii)

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Eat fist, Glass Joe

Log entries

  • [741]
    Completed the minor league.
  • 2011-09-27
  • [1253]
    Completed the Major League.
  • 2012-08-06
  • [1921]
    Accomplished Beat Bald Bull.
  • [1923]
    Accomplished Beat Super Macho Man. - Beat him with 5 knockdowns. When you actually learn an opponent, and dodge everything he throws at you, Punch-Out feels good like no other.
  • 2013-01-19
  • [2378]
    completed the game. After some practice, I beat Mr. Sandman, won the World Circuit, and beat the game...
  • [2379]
    What's going on with these weird boxing gloves during the credits?
  • [2380]
    And now it's Title Defence time...
  • [2381]
    Damn you Glass Joe and your stupid headgear.
  • [2382]
    Yes! I knocked the baguettes out of that frenchman.
  • 2013-01-20
  • [2384]
    Accomplished Defended title against Von Kaiser. - Very hard.
  • [2391]
    Beat Disco Kid. I'm continually impressed with the simple but charming character portrayals of Punch-Out!!, from the wordless image slideshows before a fight, to the expressions on the faces of your opponents during a one. Speaking of the characters, I've read a few blogs from game writers complaining about racial stereotypes in the game, and it annoys me a bit. People who are spending their lives looking for racism will find it everywhere. It's a bit depressing.
  • [2392]
    Accomplished Completed World B Circuit. - King Hippo was no pushover, had to learn his attacks by heart, and be wary of his audio cues. The fight itself is designed as a tutorial, introducing the different attacks, and how to counter them.
  • 2016-08-27
  • [6876]
    Completed the Minor League again after watching the very funny Game Grumps playthrough.
  • [6877]
    It turns out from my savegame that I never completed Title Defence.


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