Forgotton Anne

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- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2019 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
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log entries

  • 9511
    OK, something is wrong here, these poor scarves, socks, and lamps are clearly being exploited.
  • 9512
    Oh, it's a Prince of Persia game! You can jump and grab ledges and stuff! Nice.
  • 9513
    What adorable animation. The animated furniture and clothes looks super cute.
  • 9514
    Very seamless transitions between cut-scenes and gameplay and exterior and interior.
  • 9515
    Am I supposed to kill one of the train guys to get Anima? That's horrible.
  • 9516
    Oh, you can suck just a little bit out of them as torture. What horrible things you have to do in this game.
  • 9517
    The train sequence was cool, so interesting to meet the inhabitants of this horrible dictatorship.
  • 2019-04-04
  • 9561
    Hound is my favourite character. This game is so well written, sofisticated in a style you rarely see in video games.
  • 9562
    The little peeing guy in the apartment is humming the theme of the background music. So many nice little details.
  • 9563
    The theatre is a very cool location. This game is getting better and better.
  • 2019-04-14
  • 9592
    I got into the theatre and am now watching 'Professor Steinachs Metode', a full-length Storm P cartoon from 1921.
  • 9593
    OK, the theatre went into another Storm P cartoon. I think that's enough for now. :)
  • 9594
    I'm being tried at the people's court for my crimes against Forgotling-ity. All the moral choices so far are being evaluated.
  • 9595
    Anne is a Forgotling? Does that mean that she was forgotten or that she's not human?
  • 9596
    Bonku's dark secret was a facility where slave Forgotlings were killed and turned into energy for his Ether Bridge project. I wondering about the nature of the Ether Bridge, is it an illusion created by Bonku? Is it a link to the 'real' world, if that exists?
  • 9597
    Ah, the Crystal Caves of Exposition explained Master Bonku's story. He was a clock maker, forgotten by modern times, creating the world of the Forgotlings somehow, and now, having forgotten why he left, tries to get home. Also, there's a bit of commentary on modern consumerism in here. :)
  • 9598
    Oh, a reflection twin of Anne? Another Prince of Persia inspired element.
  • 9599
    completed the game. The giant clockwork monstrocity that the clock maker made out of Anne's old alarm clock was a cute take on the V'GER idea from Star Trek: The Movie. Very cool that it was this pessimistic-nihilistic machine that literaly held up a mirror to my actions during the game. In the end, I selected what I think was the 'good' ending and retained the realm of the Forgotlings, and crystallized with Bonku. The ending treated me to a little sequence with all the Forgotlings I *didn't* kill. Which I think was most or all of them.


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