Speed Freak

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Arcade, March 1979
Developed by Vectorbeam

not completed.
Speed Freak by Vectorbeam is one of the very first examples of 3D graphics in video games! Vectorbeam was known for Space Wars, the 1977 arcade game based on the 1962 PDP-1 game Spacewar!, often mentioned as one of the earliest video games ever created. Speed Freak is controlled using a steering wheel, a speeder pedal, and a 4-speed gear shift.
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log entries

  • 9646
    I played this on Søren's MAME cabinet. I was shocked to see real 3D graphics in a 1979 game. It even plays pretty well.
  • 2019-04-28
  • 9653
    I have trouble playing faster than 2nd gear. This game is fun, but can be frustrating.


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