Void Bastards

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Void Bastards is a FPS with randomly generated derelict spaceships. When you die, you'll start over, inhabiting a new prisoner with random traits and previously unlocked upgrades.
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log entries

  • 9721
    I'm not home yet, but using the Xbox Game Pass app, I scheduled this for download.
  • 2019-06-01
  • 9728
    This is pretty cool, something about the exploration of derelict ships, as well as the music and atmosphere reminds me of certain Amiga games like Paradroid 90 and Xenomorph.
  • 9729
    I met the Space Pirates. It didn't go well for me.
  • 2019-06-02
  • 9730
    The diminutive Frank Marshall snuck around with too few hit points in a treacherous ship and died of radiation poisoning.
  • 9731
    Bernard Cooper did an amazing run, unlocking Heart Starter (extra life), Trainers (less slipping in oil), Banger grenades, Flak Vest, the Toaster gun, the amazing Rifter capture device (which allows you to capture Screws and other powerful enemies), the Clusterflack grenade, and finally the HR Computer, progressing the storyline.
  • 9732
    Cooper is still alive, which is crazy, and I've found out how to use the Rifter to lock up Screws in prisons.
  • 9733
    Cooper was finally defeated by Hybris when he tried to battle three pirates with a Cow Zapper and a Riveter.
  • 2019-06-04
  • 9735
    I unlocked the Nebulator, which is basically a DOOM rocket launcher.
  • 9734
    I got a shield! It's very effective against most enemies. Not Patients though.
  • 2019-06-05
  • 9736
    These are the items need to complete the game:
    • Citizen Card
    • HR Computer
    • Water Cooling unit
    • Transmitter
    • Reg Certificate
  • 2019-06-07
  • 9745
    I've learned to use the Rifter to deal with Zecs, and managed to build the Water Cooling system.
  • 9746
    The Rad Spiker (applies radiation status to enemies) is also very effective against shielded enemies such as Zecs. I built the Transmitter ... I'm really tired, but Edwards just refuses to die.
  • 2019-06-08
  • 9747
    completed the game on Normal difficulty. Edwards kept surviving, and I focused on creating the last Action Item, the Reg Certificate. It worked, and the game ended without any particular challenge at the end.


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