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  • 9764
    Bethesda did a lot of talking at E3 about how much this critically unsuccessful game had improved since it came out, and they had made it free from June 10 - June 17 so new players could give it a try. I installed it and started playing a bit today.
  • 9765
    There's a bad version of 'Tapper' as mini-game here. Too unresponsive.
  • 9766
    Same hacking minigame.
  • 9767
    I roamed a bit of the wasteland, and barely saw another player. This more or less feels like any other Fallout game, except less NPCs and a very basic storyline. I don't hate this.
  • 9768
    I miss V.A.T.S., but it is clearly not practical in a multiplayer game.
  • 9769
    I was distracted, and left my character sleeping for 40 minutes in a tower. A guy came up to me, shot me a few times, then left.
  • 2019-06-17
  • 9772
    Free demo is over. I didn't dislike it, it seemed like a perfectly OK game that invoked my favourite parts of Fallout 4 (exploration, combat) and ignored my least favourite parts (storyline, NPCs).


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