Alien Trilogy (PlayStation)

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            Series : Aliens
         Developer : Probe
             Genre : First person shooter
        Other Tags : Female Protagonist

not completed.
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Log entries

  • [9970]
    I have looked into playing this game several times, both the DOS version and the PlayStation version. Configuring the DOS version was too much work, and this version seems to be more or less exactly the same.
  • [9971]
    Level 1-6 were fun and even a bit tense at times. Lighting is used to great effect, dark corridors and blinking lights make for a spooky atmosphere, and the sampled Alien sounds work well. However, level 7 was a boring confusing level design nightmare. I roamed around for about 30 minutes trying to understand obscure lift mechanics and find every box on the level and shoot it.
  • [9972]
    Argh, this game is too hard. Even on the easiest difficulty, I'm getting destroyed on level 8.


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