Noita (Windows)

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         Developer : Nolla Games
            Genres : 2D Platformer
                     Randomized Levels
                     Roguelike inspired
      Release Info : Steam

      Achievements :

not completed.

Noita is a fascinating game - a 2D roguelike-like where every pixel is simulated. You're a little sorcerer that spelunks into mines where the terrain is completely destructible, dissolvable, and flammable. Also, fire, water, acid, etc. all react together in a logical fashion which can be strategically exploited or result in awesome chain reactions.
Your magic wands are randomly generated from a large set of spells, and can be customized by adding or removing spells. You also have the ability to put any liquid into a flask, and pour or throw it.
Health is hard to come by, so careful analysis of the environment and careful usage of resource is required.

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 537 .............  on 2019-11-03
 420 .............  on 2019-11-04
 376 .............  on 2019-11-03

Log entries

  • I just bought this fascinating game on Steam. It's currently in Early Access.
  • This is amazing, everything interacts in detailed ways, and the levels are destructible, flammable, and dissolvable. Enemies can catch fire and get burned by acid and the chain reactions that can occur are fascinating.
  • Liquids have density, oil floats on water, and blood sinks to the bottom.
  • There's a fire elemental looking dude that walks around and sets fire to everything.
  • So cool that you can shoot a hole in a container and the liquid will spray out.
  • I found a 'TABULA SMARAGDINA', which seems like it was a cool item, but then I accidentally kicked it into a lava pool and then fell into the same lava pool.
  • Got the score 376. My third run was great, I completed the first area, went through the COAL PITS, and died in the SNOWY DEPTHS from a weird glowing orb thing that emerged from a MAGICAL TEMPLE.
  • Got the score 537. I completed the SNOWY DEPTHS with help from a terrifying acid ball wand. I entered the HIISI BASE, which was full of sentry robots and dudes with guns. I had the electrified perk, which was confusing and annoying.
  • 2019-11-04
  • Got the score 420. I played a single round at work, experimenting with modifying wands.
  • I played a couple of unsuccesful games, trying to figure out the wand customization.
  • 2019-11-06
  • You can drink a whole lake of oil? I believe that's a first in gaming history.
  • 2019-11-09
  • I used a flask of water to cross the lava lake and felt pretty smart doing it. I floated down beneath everything and entered the next level without going to the Holy Mountain. Later on I grew weird spider legs.
  • 2019-11-13
  • I did a quick demo of this to Martin, who seemed to enjoy the retro graphics combined with fancy lighting.
  • 2019-11-14
  • I got a shotgun wand, which was pretty cool.

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