Bad North (Xbox One)

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             Genre : Real-time strategy
          Graphics : Toon Shading
      Release Info : Xbox Game Pass

      Achievements :

An small-scale, grid-based RTS with adorable little warriors fending off horrible viking hordes.
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Log entries

  • [10351]
    Anders visited and started this cute game. I was drawn in by the style and simplicity, and played a few battles. I might get back to this.
  • 2020-02-01
  • [10362]
    completed the game on Easy (Allow Restarts) difficulty. Fun small-scale RTS game. Easy difficulty wasn't a problem.
  • [10363]
    Playing this game on Easy difficulty, I mainly relied on upgraded Archers and Infantry, and once in a while had some luck with putting Pikemen in a defensive position. I barely used any special abilities, but made sure to heal my units when damaged. Carefully positioning Archers to shoot boats from the side was extremely effective. I completely ignored unit fatigue, and often skipped night missions.


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