Doom (Windows)

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            Series : Doom
         Developer : id Software
             Genre : First person shooter
            Themes : Hell

not completed.
A 4K screenshot of Doom on my work computer

Log entries

  • [10378]
    I tried running Doom on my office machine in 4K. It ran smoothly in 60 FPS and looks amazing.
  • 2020-02-06
  • [10380]
    I tried playing this through GeForce NOW with a virtual on-screen controller on my Android phone. It works, it's not too laggy, but a physical controller seems necessary.
  • [10382]
    Another attempt at GeForce NOW, I tried connecting a PS4 controller to my Samsung S7 using BlueTooth. I learned that non-first generation PS4 controllers connects to Android phones without any issue (using the Share+Playstation button trick), but this doesn't work with early controllers. However, after connecting the controller, I was disappointed with a ridiculous amount of controller lag (around 1s). I verified the problem by 1) trying the on-screen controller, which was relatively lag-free, and 2) disconnecting my BlueTooth headphones and playing something on RetroArch, same lag. Unplayable.
  • 2020-02-14
  • [10406]
    I played through the first mission in 4K >60FPS on my awesome work computer.


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