Grid (Stadia)

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            Series : TOCA
         Developer : Codemasters

not completed.
Image source: Grizzly_Manners at

Log entries

  • [10620]
    I just created a free Stadia account, got a 2 month subscription to Stadia Pro, so I can play games like this one without having to buy it for 409 DKK. Stadia Pro is 69 DKK / month and currently gives me access to 9 games.
  • [10621]
    I'm cancelling my pro subscription, which should then run out on June 19th.
  • 2020-04-20
  • [10622]
    Grid plays well and looks fine on the Stadia. I basically have no complaints, except maybe I prefer playing Dirt Rally. I should play some more of this.


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