Pac-Man Championship Edition

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'Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1', a collection of 11 NES/Famicom games, was released in June 2020 for PS4, XB1, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. It contained a NES demake of Pac-Man Championship Edition. The NES ROM file was prompty leaked and is currently available online.
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log entries

  • 10888
    My hopes were answered and the new Pac-Man CE demake ROM was dumped along with a Gaplus demake that I also need to take a look at.
  • 2020-07-08
  • 10911
    Got the score 243430 in MiSTer. Man, this game is awesome!
  • 10912
    Got the score 175770 in EXTRA. There is some really hard drum 'n bass in this mode. Wow.


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