Trojan (Arcade)

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         Developer : Capcom
             Genre : 2D Brawler
      Release Info : MiSTer implementation

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Log entries

  • [11034]
    A Trojan core was just released for the MiSTer. This game is a fun 2d brawler with a shield. I always felt like brawlers are *way* more fun if you have a block or dodge mechanic.
  • [11035]
    Trojan runs 56 Hz or something, and the Elgato HD60 refuses to capture it. Maybe I can enable vsync for just this game?
  • [11036]
    OK, I added this to my MiSTer.ini:
  • [11037]
    Completed the game (MiSTer). Fun game, second to last level was a bit too hard to be fun, and the blocking wasn't as important as I had hoped.


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