Carrion (Xbox One)

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         Developer : Phobia Game Studio
            Themes : Bio-horror
      Release Info : Xbox Game Pass
        Other Tags : possession
           Port of : Carrion (2020 Windows) 

      Achievements :

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Log entries

  • [11116]
    completed the game. Carrion was free on Game Pass, and I played through the whole game today. It was really enjoyable, except for the few times I got lost. I get how adding an in-game map doesn't make much sense for playing a tentacled bio-mass, but I feel like some maps on the walls or something could help.
  • [11117]
    The end sequence reminded me a lot of INSIDE. In Carrion, you're basically playing as 'The Huddle' the whole game through, and there are a few sequences that are particularly similar. However, according to developer interviews, they were not actually inspired by 'INSIDE'. I guess I'm just seeing things. :)


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