Resident Evil Village (PlayStation 5)

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  • [11512]
    There is a demo out today! Can't wait to try it.
  • [11513]
    The full game is out May 7th.
  • [11517]
    I played through the 'Maiden' demo and got to meet Alcina Dimitrescu, the blood-drinking castle inhabitant. I'm of two minds about this demo. The graphics are of a similar style as RE7, going for realistic textures and shading. Like that game, this looks a little bit stylistically messy and incoherent. I has hoping for a larger jump in fidelity, but maybe I just got a jump in resolution. I was also disappointed with a big non-functional mirror on the PS5, which does make sense because your character doesn't actually have a body in this demo. What annoyed me more than anything was the footstep sounds, which are loud and annoying, because they don't correspond to anything visual on the screen. When you're playing a dynamic game with quiet sequences like this one, footsteps should almost disappear, especially for a first person game, where they don't correspond to anything visual.
  • 2021-02-08
  • [11549]
    I preordered the game for 500 DKK.


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