Castle Crashers (Xbox 360)

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This is a very charming game. It has good basic brawling gameplay, but not as deep and well-designed as e.g. Scott Pilgrim. The graphics is great, cute and with great comedic timing. What makes this game good is the humour. It is pure Monty Python-esque crazyness, and I love it.
This screenshot makes no sense at all

Log entries

  • [1007]
    ARGH! Crazy painter with toolbox head and robot voice, painting horrible animals that attack me!!! This is pure insanity!
  • [1008]
    completed the game with Green Knight on Normal difficulty. Finally! I've been playing this game on and off for two years, getting bored with it and not touching it for long periods of time. It does get a bit grindy and boring, but the ending contains some truly great crazyness that makes it all worthwhile. This is my *second* game completion tonight. Not having internet in my Cairo apartment makes me productive. Productive? Is that the right word for playing games?
  • [1009]
    Argh! Penguins! Hearts! Insanity!


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