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         Developer : Data East
             Genre : First person shooter
          Graphics : Bitmap-based 3D

      Achievements :

not completed.
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  • Blocks:
    • B - BLACK (light room)
    • C - CHARGE batteries
    • G - GUN ammo
  • If a block is lost, it stays lost for the rest of the game. If B is lost, all lights go out, if C is lost, you cannot recharge batteries, if G is lost, you cannot reload weapons.
  • Battery is health.

Log entries

  • This is a first-person shooter where you move around in tiles, rotate 90 degrees, and control an aiming reticle while holding down a button. It takes place in a large space station, in a bunch of corridors that all look the same. I thought it was neat at first, but I couldn't find a map or a way to recharge my weapons.
  • The game has a neat warning system where you can hear which direction monsters are coming from based on the frequency content of a beeping noise. A very cool and modern feature.
  • I found the manual online. I should go to 'C Block' to recharge my batteries.
  • Also, the Select button has an important menu, which I didn't try. I should play this game again with the manual available.

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