Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Xbox 360)

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- Thanks to Nabaz for receiving a bunch of games for me in the mail while I was in Egypt.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Log entries

  • [1044]
    Started playing a bit. I have a bit of difficulty in getting used to the controls. It's so different from the simulation-based games like GRID. But the game seems good.
  • [1045]
    This game is cool. I put on some Chase and Status and barrelled through the roads of Seacrest County. Synaesthetic.
  • 2011-06-12
  • [1095]
    Played for several hours today. I'm now Wanted level 7/20 and Cop rank 7/20. I've gotten into the Super and Exotic car leagues, and now N4S' weird driving controls start to make sense. When I'm barelling down the highway in my Ford GT, N4S reminds me of how it used to feel when I played Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge on the Amiga. It's fast, slick, arcady fun, and you always want just one more race.
  • 2011-06-18
  • [1108]
    completed the game (SCPD Cop). At SCPD Cop Rank 10, I have completed all Cop events.
  • [1109]
    completed the game (Wanted). At Wanted Level 13, I have completed all Racer events. Man, that last race was crazy hard. 15 consecutive minutes of N4S is almost too much to bear. But I did it in my awesome Bugatti Veyron.
  • 2013-12-08
  • [3225]
    BUSTED. Now this is the street racing game for me. After watching The Fast and the Furious, this seems appropriate. And playing as the cops is so much fun.
  • [3226]
    OK, now my right trigger finger hurts from all the bustin' I've been doing. Enough for tonight, I'm now cop rank 13 and have 34/48 distinctions after playing a total of 27.5 hours of Hot Pursuit.


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