Thrill Kill (Playstation)

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I used to play this stupid, stupid game back in 1998 with Thomas Jauert. We loved the over-the-top crazyness and the carnage, and lived with the slow, imprecise fighting mechanics, even though clearly better fighting games certainly was around at the time.
My bootlegged Thrill Kill CDROM is now a bit of a historical artifact. It is as much of an original as any copy of this game, as it was never officially released. Playing it again, it's amusing to think that this game was too violent for Electronic Arts to put their name on back in 1998 - EA having recently acquired Virgin Interactive, the originally intended publisher of the game. The controversy seems kind of silly now. The game was reworked into 'Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style', and the developer, Paradox Development, later went on to make the reasonably cool 'Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks' and the wrestling game 'TNA iMPACT!'.
The true 3D fighter, the genre to which this game belongs, is almost dead now, except for wrestling games (like 'TNA iMPACT!') and the likes. And for good reason - they rarely work well.
Thrill Kill

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  • [1056]
    Thrill Killâ„¢ contains extremely graphic and violent scenes and subject matter. Terms and Conditions: You must be at least 17 years old to view or play this game. You must not find images of adults engaged in violent acts to be offensive or objectionable. (X+[]) I agree to these terms and conditions and proceed at my own risk. (O) I can not in good conscience play this game.
  • [1057]
    Obviously, I have to press (O). I can not in good conscience play this game.
  • [1058]
    'PLEASE SWITCH THE POWER OFF ON YOUR PLAYSTATION'. Damn it, I really wanted to play... :(
  • [1059]
    OK, I'll try the other option anyway...
  • [1060]
    Oh weird, there is no health bar, only a Kill Meter (roughly equivalent to a super combo meter of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat).
  • [1061]
    'NUMBER_OF_SOBJECTS1MAX_SOBJECT-1 FILE CHAIN.C LINE 106'? What the hell kind of kill screen is that? :)
  • [1063]
    Wauw! The Judas character is actually Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter as siamese twins conjoined at the torso! That is hilarious! :D
  • [1064]
    completed the game with Cleetus on Medium (2/4) difficulty. Well, that was ridiculously easy. I mashed the attack buttons like an insane monkey during 6 4-way fights, and then fought two stupid easy bosses, Judas (Ryu-Ken) and Marukka, the demon lady. And only to find out that there was no real ending sequence in my broken version of the game, it just rolled the intro movie and then straight to hiscore list entry. Oh well, the ending movie is on the internets; Uncle Cleetus' Homestyle Sausage! Mmm...mmm...good!


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