Dark Alliance (Xbox Series X)

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Log entries

  • [12060]
    It looks like we're getting a company Xbox Series X next week. I never even saw one, so I'll believe it when I plug it in to my TV. :) It's very exciting to get a new console in the house, but I'm not looking forward to specific games, because there aren't a lot of exciting games out for this thing yet. At least Dark Alliance is new and on Game Pass, I guess I'll try that.
  • 2021-07-13
  • [12080]
    I have the new Xbox now! I set it up using the Xbox app on my phone, which was ridiculously easy. I could even choose the console settings on the phone, while the Xbox was installing an update. Very slick. Soon thereafter, I had my Xbox dashboard up and running, with access to all my Game Pass and other games. The only problem now is that there aren't a lot of Series X games out yet. Most of them are just Xbox One games. It is very neat that this console supports games from all Xbox generations all the way back to the original Xbox from 2001. Very impressive.
  • [12081]
    I tried this game for a few minutes, the animation looks very rough.
  • [12082]
    And yes, this is a fully fledged XSX game, as can be seen by pressing the 'View' button (I think of this as the 'select' button), where it lists: AppModel:GDK; Gen:Scarlett; [...] ConsoleType:XboxGen9
  • [12090]
    I played the first level with yellow difficulty, meaning higher than recommended combat score. The combat looks bad and feels unresponsive, and the checkpoints were very far apart. I think this game was designed to be easy.


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