Sable (Xbox Series X)

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         Developer : Shedworks
      Release Info : Xbox Game Pass
        Other Tags : Open World

      Achievements :

not completed.
The Moebius-inspired environments are amazing

Log entries

  • [12380]
    After hearning Martin Kvale talk about the sound design and demonstrate the FMOD project for this game, I wanted to play some of it. The environment does look absolutely amazing on the Series X, but I find the game frustrating and a bit boring, and there are a lot of small annoyances that I have trouble letting go: the hoverbike physics are extremely wonky, the frame rate is unstable, the jerky animation of the main character sticks out when seen against the smooth movement of the camera. The music was also too repetetive for my taste.
  • [12381]
    The sound for the first hoverbike is too unnatural for my taste, I wish it sounded a bit more like a real physical machine.


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