FireHawk (NES)

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         Developer : Codemasters
             Genre : Base Attack

not completed.
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  • [12431]
    On the mission description screen, you can skip levels using cheat codes.

Log entries

  • [12427]
    This seems like an awesome base attack game.
  • [12428]
    Interestingly, this came out before Desert Strike.
  • [12429]
    I completed mission 2.
  • [12430]
    Every mission so far has been a rescue mission, you must find troops around the map and return the to the hangar ship. You destroy bases to avoid getting shot at and to get upgrades for your chopper, including increased fire rate and damage. You have a machine gun and rockets. The camera behaves similarly to Desert Strike, always placing your chopper at the edge of the screen, pointing towards the center. You can destroy enemy airfields to avoid attack planes taking off, and factories that produce tanks.


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