Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War (Windows)

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  • [12581]
    You can Rest a unit if it hasn't moved or attacked, to restore its Strength.
  • [12582]
    Walkers have Rapid Fire, which allows them to fire twice if they don't move.
  • [12583]
    You can equip collected Wargear to units when you're building your army.
  • [12584]
    a - abort move             F1  - autosave                   
    I - ignore unit            F2  - menu                   
    r - rest                   F3  - file functions                   
    n - select next unit       F4  - objective                   
    p - previous unit          F5  - toggle strength plates                   
    z - zoom in                F6  - mutes sound effects                   
    x - zoom out               F7  - pause/play music                   
    v (selected unit) - stats  F8  - mutes music                   
                               F12 - end turn
    (from Matt_Boom at gog.com)
  • 2022-01-19
  • [12594]
    Playable factions: Eldar, Space Marines. Enemy factions: Tyranids.

Log entries

  • [12577]
    I bought this on GOG for 40 DKK.
  • [12578]
    I'm happy I bought this. The hex-based strategy is simple and satisfying, and I love the colorful classic Eldar designs.
  • [12579]
    Completed 5/15 missions.
  • [12580]
    I found the manual for the game.


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