Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (Xbox 360)

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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine


  • In this game, you play as an Ultramarine.

Log entries

  • Completed the demo on Normal. So many dead Orks! Awesome. I'm buying this.
  • 2011-09-23
  • Ordered the game from Coolshop today.
  • 2011-10-08
  • Completed chapter 2/18. Not too challenging.
  • 2012-01-15
  • Completed chapter 4/18. (Hard mode)
  • 2012-03-17
  • Completed chapter 6/18. That inquisitor is obviously tainted by chaos.
  • 2012-03-20
  • 'I am an instrument of the Emperor's will, trooper. Now indicate to me the nearest concentration of orks.' Fuck, that guy is cool. :D
  • Completed chapter 8/18.
  • Completed chapter 11/18. Yes, I was right. The cutscene introducing Lord Nemeroth was badass.
  • 2012-03-25
  • Completed chapter 12/18. Warboss Grimskull is no more.
  • That is a nice looking Warlord-class Titan. I want it. :)
  • Completed chapter 14/18.
  • Completed chapter 15/18. One shot from my melta gun deals instant death to the Bloodletters of Khorne. One shot.
  • Completed chapter 16/18. It's daemon clobberin' time!
  • 2012-03-26
  • Completed the game on Hard difficulty. After some waves of reasonably tricky combat and a quick-timey end boss battle, Space Marine is now completed. A bitter ending for Captain Titus, but fits the style of the game well.
  • Got the None Can Stand Before You achievement. - Whoa, 125G achievement!

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