Shadows of the Damned (Xbox 360)

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- Thanks to Tom for bringing another batch of games to Cairo.
Shadows of the Damned

Log entries

  • [1214]
    Started playing with Christopher. Really cool and funny game so far.
  • 2012-07-29
  • [1891]
    Started to get into this again. Just met Christopher, the redneck demon shopkeeper that will eat gems in exchange for goods and services.
  • 2012-07-30
  • [1892]
    Completed Chapter 2/5. I learned to use the Light Shot to stun enemies, and them kill them with a Brutal Kill. I defeated George, a huge horse-headed demon riding on a human-headed horse.
  • 2012-08-04
  • [1902]
    That swamp in Act 3-2 had infinitely spawning enemies, which allowed me to grind out about 400 gems. I spent a few of them on Absinthe (which eases the pain), and the rest on Red Gems, so now I upgraded the hell out of my Light Shot and health.
  • [1903]
    After a sort of inelegant parody of Evil Dead, I encountered a delightful clawed demon that is constantly screaming 'Fuck you'. :D
  • [1904]
    Completed chapter 3/5.
  • [1905]
    TASTE MY BIG BONER... Is what Garcia says a lot during this chapter. I like the erotic travel sequences where you traverse over a gargantuan semi-naked Paula. Why not, right?
  • [1906]
    And then a 2D sidescrolling shooter with paper cut-out graphics.
  • 2012-08-05
  • [1907]
    Argh! Act 4-5 was infuriating. That darkness mechanic that forces you to periodically shed light using fireworks that you have to pump you Johnson into (I am not making this up) to activate, is annoying as hell. And in the end, you are treated to a cutscene, followed by an in-game cutscene, followed by a shooting puzzle. And if you die during the shooting puzzle (of course, there is darkness, and you lose your health), it results in a loading screen, and then the cutscenes again. Unskippable, of course. Argh!
  • [1908]
    Got the Orthodontic Pleasures achievement. - Killed 50 enemies with The Dentist and now I thankfully never need to use this annoying, impossible-to-aim, weird assault-rifle-type weapon again...
  • [1909]
    Completed chapter 4/5.
  • [1910]
    Argh! The flowers! They are ... talking!
  • [1911]
    Completed Act 5-3. Now for Act 5-4 of Chapter 5, which is confusingly named 'The Final Chapter'.
  • [1912]
    Completed Act 5-4. Fake end credits? Saw it coming. :)
  • [1913]
    completed the game on Demon Hunter (2/3) difficulty. The last boss fight was confusing and infuriating as hell, but not hard.
  • [1914]
    Haha, Johnson raps.


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