The King of Fighters '94 (Neo Geo)

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            Series : KOF
         Developer : SNK
             Genre : Fighting games

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  • In this game, the teams are fixed.
  • In this game, you select a 3-character team instead of a single character. You then fight against another team, one character at a time, in an order selectable by the player. The winning character regenerates a bit of health and then continues against the next character in the other team, until there is one character left standing. The two other characters on a team are shown in the background, with different graphics depending on whether they have been beaten or not.
  • This game does not have the multiple planes of Fatal Fury, but allows the characters to dodge any attack using A+B. You can also do a knockdown attack with C+D.
  • Holding A+B+C charges the POW meter, as does taking damage. Every character has a special move that requires a full POW meter.
  • The music has breakdowns where you hear very realistic voices of onlookers cheering the fighters, for instance in the Italy stage.

Log entries

  • I'm getting destroyed in easy mode on the AES.
  • 2022-06-11
  • Completed the game with Team Italy on (1/8) difficulty. The final boss fight was annoyingly unfair. This game is great, the rest of the fights were a lot of fun, the backgrounds are amazing, but the boss fight kind of ruins the enjoyment.

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