Vampire Survivors (Windows)

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A strange mix of genres, with the action gameplay of a multidirectional shooter with automatic shooting, leveling up every run from crystals dropped from killed enemies, picking a loadout from random power-ups, and enjoying the carnage of tens of thousands of Castlevania-inspired enemies. In the meta-game you unlock general power-ups and new characters. Extremely simple, incredibly addictive.
🍒 My first great Gennaro Belpaese run


Scores - Normal:
 12692 ...........  with Pasqualina on 2022-06-14

Log entries

  • [13187]
    I felt the urge to play the more popular clone of Magic Survival, so I got this for only a few bucks on Steam.
  • 2022-06-14
  • [13190]
    Got the score 12692 in Normal. My best game yet, I reached level 45 and killed 12692 enemies.
  • 2022-06-22
  • [13207]
    I'm having the craziest game right now. I'm playing with Gennaro Belpaese, the knife throwing guy. He has the powerful '+1 Amount' stat that gives him an extra projectile on all attacks. I got my 12 PowerUps, most of them fully leveled, but more importantly, my Knife evolved into the Thousand Edge, which shoots continuously. I have been leveling up with an incredible pace, I'm level 51 now, and I'm cutting through giant groups of enemies with a stream of knives, never getting close to being in trouble.
  • [13208]
    My game ended after 29 minutes, I was level 68, and defeated 16354 enemies. I got several evolved weapons, and unlocked 9 achievements.
  • [13210]
    Another great game with Mortaccio, who's a bone-throwing skeleton. The game ended after 30 minutes, I was level 86, and defeated 21294 enemies.


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