Fatal Fury 2 (Neo Geo)

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Fatal Fury 2

Log entries

  • 1312 
    This is much better than its predecessor. All the moves feel right, and the graphics is great. The crazy thing is, this feels even harder than the original.
  • 1313 
    I am 'conqering' the world... :)
  • 1314 
    Finally! A lucky shot on Billy Kane. He's as annoying as always.
  • 1315 
    Argh! Axel Hawk!
  • 1316 
    Yes! Finally!
  • 1317 
    Laurence Blood? Terrifying name.
  • 1318 
    ... but not as terrifying as Terry.
  • 1320 
    Wolfgang Krauser: what an awesome boss. He has a symphony orchestra orchestrating his fights. Such class. :)
  • 1322 
    Completed the game with Kim Kaphwan on 1/8 (very easy) difficulty using 93 continues. 93 continues on the easiest difficulty? This is one of the most unfair arcade games I have played. I beat all opponents with Terry Bogard, but didn't get anywhere with him against Krauser. After trying several other characters, it turned out the Krauser had a hard time against Kim Kaphwan's Hishou Kyaku move (fast jumping downward kicks). Great game, but the difficulty is insane.

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