Real Bout Fatal Fury (Neo Geo)

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This Fatal Fury game introduces the simplified controls used in the Real Bout series, and it reuses the sprites from Fatal Fury 3. Also, the game has destructible environment, where you can actually fall off and lose a match. Somehow, it all adds up to a weaker experience than Fatal Fury 3. Still a great game, though
Real Bout Fatal Fury

Log entries

  • [1327]
    Completed the game with Terry Bogard on 1/8 (very easy) difficulty using 3 continues. That actually *was* 'very easy'. Hell of a difference in difficulty from Fatal Fury 3.
  • [1328]
    Geese Howard fell off an extremely tall building. So I guess he's dead. Or is he?
  • [1329]
    Yeurgh... So much Fatal Fury today... Must sleep


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