Chuck Rock (Sega CD)

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            Series : Chuck Rock
Original Developer : Core Design
             Music : Martin Iveson
             Genre : 2D Platformer
          Features : Password Save
            Themes : Dinosaurs
           Port of : Chuck Rock (1991 Amiga) 

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Passwords / Cheat Codes

  • 13870 

    Level 3: PDPKKN

  • 13883 

    Level 4: JWNTXF

  • 13904 

    Final level: TSFNVP


  • 13867 

    The intro is censored in this version, the clip where Ophelia Rock bends over to pick up clothes is removed.

  • 13869 

    The game has limited continues, but passwords!

Log entries

  • 13868 

    This feels exactly the same as the Amiga original, but with streaming music by Martin Iveson instead of the looping rock by Matthew Simmons (4mat).

  • 13871 

    I completed level 2 by stunlocking the adorable sabretooth lion with my belly. I forgot how absolutely adorable the enemy sprites are in this game. So cute.

  • 13873 

    I was defeated by Nessy, but I was almost 3/5ths through the game. Maybe I should complete this.

  • 2023-01-11
  • 13903 

    I beat the annoying ice world and the mammoth boss by carefully standing in the right spot when he shoots his snowballs, and then kicking him in the trunk.

  • 13905 
    Completed the game.

    I beat Chuck Rock!! The final boss ... not well designed. I just stood beneath the lowest platform and spammed the belly attack.

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