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Luigi's Mansion

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  • 1450
    Playing this on the Dolphin emulator. I first heard about the Luigi's Mansion game when the 3DS version was unveiled. It looked cute, and the whole ghost mansion exploration has a very unique draw to me, reminding me of some early Commodore 64 game experiences.
  • 1451
    Argh! Chauncey, The Spoiled Baby, was a terrifying experience. Also, it was a lame boss fight. The controls of Luigi's Mansion don't seem to work that well. Or maybe I just have to get used to them.
  • 1452
    Oh no! So many Boos!
  • 2012-01-09
  • 1453
    I just shot a meteor into the moon, destroying it, walked on a moon bridge, and picked up a star. Dude.
  • 1454
    Found all 5 of Mario's items, and I seem to have all elemental powers.
  • 1455
    Completed area 3/4. Captured 35/50 Boos. Sleep now.
  • 2012-01-26
  • 1490
    Tried to play a little. The gameplay is becoming a bit repetetive, and Dolphin crashed, and I hadn't saved. I don't really want to play it again right now. Maybe later.


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