Missile Command (Arcade)

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            Series : Missile Command
         Developer : Atari
            Themes : Cold war
        Other Tags : trackball
             Ports : Missile Command (1991 Amiga)

not completed.
Cold War Paranoia: The video game


Scores - MAME:
 18730 ...........  on 2016-02-29
 15295 ...........  on 2020-01-15
  9620 ...........  on 2014-06-12

Other scores:
 17795 ...........  on 2022-09-17

Log entries

  • 1551 
    Played a game on a Missile Command / Centipede arcade machine at the Google GDC Party. The trackball takes some getting used to, it would probably be easier for me to play with a mouse.
  • 2014-06-12
  • 4041 
    Got the score 9620 in MAME. Definitely easier with a mouse.
  • 2016-02-29
  • 6285 
    Got the score 18730 in MAME.
  • 2020-01-14
  • 10300 
    Using the new company USB trackball, I played some Missile Command. Setting the input sensitivity in MAME low enough is key, so fast movements don't 'roll over'. Sensitivity around 20 seems to work OK.
  • 2020-01-15
  • 10302 
    Got the score 15295 in MAME.
  • 2022-09-17
  • 13536 
    Got the score 17795. The Finnish Museum of Games arcade had a Missile Command machine. I love slapping the giant trackball around to try to save the world from ICBMs.

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