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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Log entries

  • [1575]
    According to a savegame committed to Subversion, I played this game in december 2006, before I started this log.
  • 2012-04-05
  • [1576]
    I used to play a pirated copy of this game, but later bought it and the other versions of Dawn of War to be able to have them on my shelf. I discussed playing this game again with Thomas Jauert, and I suspect Thomas Steensen could be interested as well. I reinstalled it today, and of course, it runs very smoothly on my MacBook Pro.
  • [1577]
    Defeated Space Marines on Standard difficulty with the overwhelming force of the Necrons.
  • [1578]
    Found a campaign savegame from 2007-10-29 with Tau on easy. In this campaign, I have almost captured all of the map, so this should be reasonably easy to complete...
  • 2012-04-06
  • [1579]
    Dammit. I couldn't get my Winter Assault CD to work, and now I just said F... it and bought Dawn of War Platinum Edition on Steam for 74 DKK. Even though I have it already, just because it's so much easier. I hate buying something twice.
  • [1580]
    ... and 7 GB later...
  • [1581]
    Playing with Steensen - we couldn't get the online lobby system to work, but we got it running with a direct connection from me to him.
  • [1582]
    Played all day with Steensen and Jauert. I think I did fairly well against the AI, but when Steensen decided to turn on me and Jauert (the evil psycho that he is), I was dogmeat.
  • [1583]
    Me and Jauert had to use Hamachi VPN to be able to connect. And I could only connect to him. Probably firewall issues...
  • 2012-04-07
  • [1584]
    Completed the game with Tau on Easy difficulty (Campaign). My old campaign save with a huge honour guard and some extremely aggressive tactics led to a fast victory over the Eldar. Although the campaign mode of Dark Crusade has a lot of good ideas, I don't particularly enjoy playing it. Still, the RTS action of this series is excellent as always, and playing skirmishes is a lot of fun.
  • 2012-04-17
  • [1626]
    Played 2 matches against Jauert's Necrons, with Tau and Space Marines, won both.
  • 2014-10-05
  • [4650]
    I wanted to test how Dark Crusade runs on a modern computer. It worked fine, ran 120 Hz with all settings turned to the max in a window, but then I switched windows and the game hangs. Dammit. Maybe I should only run it in fullscreen.
  • 2014-10-06
  • [4653]
    Played several games with Steensen, first two battles as the Tau Empire, both of which we won, and then I installed the original game to activate more races, and we played a match on hard difficulty, where I played as the Blood Angels, which we also won.
  • 2014-10-15
  • [4674]
    I played a few matches against 2 Normal bots with Erik, the first of which we lost because I set Game Speed to Fast, which we were not really prepared for. The next 4 we won, and Erik gradually started playing better than me. Figures.


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