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Silent Hill: Origins

Log entries

  • [1592]
    2012-04-09: After closer inspection, I actually had a savegame just before the 2008 one, maybe I just played for a few minutes in 2008, and then losing interest again, because the gameplay was too annoying. We'll see how I fare this time.
  • 2008-10-19
  • [1591]
    In 2012-04-09, I found my old Silent Hill: Origins savegame from 2008. I didn't enjoy this game too much back in 08, but I played it for 5 hours, and I believe I was pretty close to the end. Perhaps my passion for completing games will enable me to finally finish this game?
  • 2012-04-10
  • [1595]
    I played a fair amount tonight while in Bagsværd to visit my aunt and dad. Since it seems like there's is not too much left of the game, and bearing in mind that the reason I stopped playing it was a combination of intimidation and tedium from having a new huge area to explore, I'm using a notebook and the map to carefully and methodically explore the area, while using firearms to handle the opposition. I just got the Redeemer, a .44 magnum revolver, that I put to good use on the face of the boss character The Butcher. I'm actually getting into the game in a very Silent Hill-esque way, reminding me of why I love this series. I have to play SH3 soon, I guess, a proper SH game that I have yet to play.
  • [1596]
    Why all the empty rooms? Why all the confined rooms where the camera doesn't work properly? Why the broken locks? Why the amounts of useless weapons? Why, Silent Hill, why?
  • [1597]
    Those huge Caliban are actually easy to fight; wait for them to attack, run around them, and attack from the back with melee weapon. Repeat until dead.
  • [1598]
    OK, game, I have to sleep now, but tomorrow, you're going down.
  • [1600]
    The dryers at Aladdin's Møntvask are all stopping now, the place is shutting down for the night, and I have to postpone the final leg og Silent Hill until I get home.
  • [1601]
    'The Memory of Richard Grady' boss had a cool, if not entirely original, premise, but the gameplay of it was as poorly designed as any Silent Hill boss. Stand still in a corner and shoot everything you have, move away from tentacles to the other corner, repeat. So stupid.
  • [1602]
    The final chase through the otherworld streets and the final cutscenes were pretty effective, but 'The Demon', the actual final boss, was surprisingly unoriginal, going into such a overused game cliché as 'Demon that shoots fireballs from the sky to points indicated on the ground'. Lame. I shot it in its damn face with everything I had, and it went down.
  • [1599]
    Completed the game. Enemies killed using melee: 56, using firearms: 46, and using fists: 14 (quite the pugilist, that Travis). Total game time: 6:54:56. Gained accolades: 'Savior', 'Collector', and 'Explorer'.


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