Battle Isle (Amiga)

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            Series : Battle Isle
         Developer : Blue Byte
             Genre : Turn-based strategy
          Features : Password Save

not completed.
Battle Isle

Log entries

  • 1630 
    Used to play this on my Amiga 2000. I have started researching classic turn-based military strategy games, and this was one of the first ones I played, and enjoyed it a lot back in the 90s.
  • 1631 
    Starting with the first single player level: CONRA. Obtuse.
  • 1632 
    3 Disks? That's going a bit overboard. Ooh. Chopper animation. Victory music. And a new level: PHASE.
  • 1633 
    Level 16, Conra, was the first single player level, and 31 seems to be the last. That's 16 levels total. And 2 secret levels on top of that.
  • 1634 
    Argh. Lost the second level. A bit harder than its modern equivalents...

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