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Voxatron is pretty unique among voxel-based games, in that it strictly uses grid-aligned voxels for everything, including character movement and effects. This is the voxel equivalent of avoiding scaling and rotating pixels in pixel art.

log entries

  • 1724
    completed the game and got the score: 6329 (Adventure). 112 restarts, accuracy 37%, time: 72:31. I was playing in the train from Detmold to Dűsseldorf on my way home from performing with Sune and Max Hattler at International Short Film Festival in Detmold. I beat the dragon at the end, the screen turned black, some music started playing, and my machine shut down without any warning. It had run out of power, and I didn't know whether I had completed the game or not. Fortunately, when I got some more power at the Dűsseldorf airport, the machine resumed and showed an endgame screen.
  • 1725
    Got the score 1718 in Arcade. Playing at Dűsseldorf airport.
  • 1726
    Got the score 2287 in Arcade.
  • 2012-06-27
  • 1784
    Got the score 2043 in Arcade.


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