Doom (Xbox 360)

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Original release year: 1993
            Series : Doom
         Developer : id Software
             Genre : First person shooter
          Graphics : Bitmap-based 3D
            Themes : Hell
      Release Info : Xbox One Compatible
        Other Tags : id Tech 1

      Achievements :

Introducing the Barons of Hell to my minigun

Log entries

  • [1767]
    Completed E1M3, Toxin Refinery. (3/24 levels).
  • 2012-06-30
  • [1796]
    Completed E1M4, Command Control.
  • 2012-10-20
  • [2097]
    Eugh ... the music. It's terrible.
  • 2014-01-19
  • [3371]
    Got the EPISODE ONE achievement. - Completed 'Knee-Deep in the Dead' on 'Hurt Me Plenty' difficulty (3/5).
  • [3372]
    I just killed my first Cacodemon (red floaty head-thingie) in this game and got a Plasma Gun. How very Doom.
  • [3375]
    Got the EPISODE TWO achievement. - Completed 'The Shores of Hell' on 'Hurt Me Plenty' difficulty. That Cyberdemon never stood a chance against my formidable strategy of circle-strafing and shooting many, many rockets. :)
  • 2016-05-01
  • [6479]
    OK, so I wanted to see if the 360 version of Doom ran on my Xbox One. I booted up the Xbox One and it required a huge update. While that was downloading, I impatiently went to boot up the old 360. It, too required an update. While waiting for that, I started the PS4. I thought maybe I'd try some Rocket League. That required an update. After waiting for that and playing it for a while, the 360 was done updating. It turned out that Doom *was* running on the Xbox One, and that I had already migrated my Doom savegame, so I switched back to the Xbone. It had finished updating, so I started Doom. It required a 450 MB update. To pass the time, I wanted to snap YouTube. It also required an update. Now I just want to die.
  • [6481]
    Completed Mt. Erebus (E3M6) and reached Gate to Limbo (mission 7/9 of episode 3).
  • [6482]
    Got the EPISODE THREE achievement. - Completed episode 3 on 'Hurt My Plenty' difficulty.
  • [6483]
    Completed the game on Hurt Me Plenty (3/5) difficulty.


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