Viewtiful Joe (PlayStation 2)

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Best 39 DKK I ever spent. Enjoy the unique style of this game, the immersive gameplay that rewards style and skill, and the humour, which is extremely silly - Die-fighters, 'Silvia, I am your father', etc. The game is short and sweet, and the difficulty is just right. There aren't that many flaws, perhaps except for the stupid and boring 'punch missiles into star destroyers' bit near the end of the game. The most important tip for this game: Slow - Zoom - hold punch deals the most damage per second. Use it on bosses, they won't like it. When you complete the game, you get an extra bonus in the form of a music video - you'll love it! And now I can play as Dante from Devil May Cry, complete with sword/gun-combos. Awesome.
Viewtiful Joe

Log entries

  • [152]
    Completed the game on Normal difficulty. rank: ABBBABA, deaths: 6 continues, time: 7:24:57


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