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  • [2183]
    Why must the Playstation Store be such a miserable experience? Sure, it *looks* nice, with its fancy new visuals, but everything is structured in such a confusing way, it seems like Sony doesn't really want my money. I wanted to buy this game, so I searched for it using the search functionality. The game showed up as being out, but there was only a 'theme' to download. Then I looked in the Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection section, where it showed up as being free for Playstation Plus members. So I clicked 'buy' to get it, but it downloaded a trial unlock key only. The full game still didn't show up in searches, so I made a new search in the Demos section, where it showed up, so I 'purchased' the demo for 0 DKK. Still, it didn't download it, so I had go back and select 'My Downloads', and click a download icon next to the Cubixx HD Trial & Unlock. Now, I have Qix in 3D - hope it is worth it.
  • [2184]
    ... Some nice dubtronica in the title screen.
  • [2185]
    Completed stage 1/10.
  • [2187]
    I'm not enjoying this as much as I had hoped. I think I prefer Qix on the Amiga.


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