Street Fighter Alpha 3 (CP System II)

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Ryu vs. E. Honda - Street Fighter Alpha 3

Log entries

  • [7]
    Completed the game with Ryu on Easy difficulty. Lost to M. Bison and got the bad ending. Found that X-ism is my style and Turbo 1 is my speed - these most closely represent what I'm used to from SF4
  • 2009-07-11
  • [221]
    Completed the game with Guy on Normal difficulty. He's pretty cool, I kind of wish I had him in SF4... Still lost to Bison. I must get the good ending one of these days...
  • 2009-12-04
  • [432]
    Completed the game with Ken on Hard 2 difficulty. Still can't defeat M. Bison, though.
  • 2010-03-02
  • [540]
    Damn, how many times am I going to get the bad ending? I've been playing a lot of SFA3 in breaks at work, but I can never defeat that M. Bison...


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