Valtric (Arcade)

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         Developer : Jaleco
             Genre : Scrolling shoot 'em up
          Hardware : Zilog Z80

not completed.
Eat laser, lobster monsters!

Log entries

  • [7627]
    My wiki has a 2005 entry about MAME emulation of various games, among them Valtric.
  • 2012-12-26
  • [2291]
    I remember this arcade machine from when I was a young kid, on a boat trip with my parents. I was fascinated by the unique graphical design and weapon power ups that attach to the side of the player ship. Never played it, didn't have any change...
  • [2292]
    I played this using MAME on my laptop, on the train from Aalborg back to Copenhagen. After playing through the *ridiculously difficult* and unsatisfying areas 1-4, and then discovering that there are 4 more stages, which appear to be more difficult versions of the first 4 areas, I kind of gave up on Valtric. It has some style and cool ideas, but I really dislike the infinitely respawning enemies and ridiculous number of bullets. It seems balanced to steal all of your money and nothing more.


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