Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360)

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             Genre : 3D Brawler
        Other Tags : Open World

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Log entries

  • [2340]
    I bought this Hong Kong movie-simulator at a relatively cheap 250 DKK, let's see if it works well on the old Xbox...
  • [2341]
    Whoa, Dogeyes is one big pimp.
  • 2013-01-10
  • [2342]
    I just took over the minibus racket from another gang, drove a busful of gangsters around and beat up dudes. Hilarious.
  • [2343]
    That's 6/30 story missions.
  • [2344]
    Listening to Clark on Warp Radio. Cool.
  • [2346]
    I met Amanda, possible love interest, I guess. Blonde? Nah, Hong Kong must have someone more interesting. And with 7/30 story missions done, I should probably get some sleep...
  • [2347]
    I haven't played one of these open world gangster games for a while, and I forgot how much ridiculous fun they can be. I've seen a guy get run over, the paramedics show up, them being run over, and the ambulance just leaving. I've flying kicked random people on the street, parking my car on them. It's so much fun! I might be a psychopath.
  • [2348]
    Ah, a pink mission marker for love missions. Cute.
  • [2349]
    The worst music mini game. Just the worst.
  • 2013-01-11
  • [2350]
    Completed 11/30 story missions.
  • 2013-01-12
  • [2351]
    New goal in my Hong Kong career: buy the 'Blast' car from Kennedy Town Docks, it requires 'Face 4' and 420,000 USD.
  • [2352]
    Stealing Knox trucks in Kennedy Town is pretty easy and lucrative. I'm air-jacking a truck, throwing out the driver, quickly dispensing with the police cars, and delivering it for 25,000 HKD.
  • [2353]
    Mrs. Chu is one hardcore woman. Mess with her family and she goes to work on you with a meat cleaver.
  • 2013-01-13
  • [2354]
    Completed 18/30 story missions.
  • [2356]
    The Blast car is mine! It is *crazy* fast, and looks like a Lamborghini. Now I can get places really quickly.
  • [2357]
    Why is there a guy standing on my car?
  • [2358]
    Car Valet enables you to call a guy, who'll bring you a car at any point. You just have to 'Set Valet Vehicle' in the Parking Garage menu to not always get the stupid bike.
  • [2359]
    ... Good action sequences, decent shooting, driving, shooting while driving, air-jacking. All in great Hong Kong action style.
  • [2360]
    Oh goodie ... more f***ing karaoke.
  • [2361]
    Completed 23/30 story missions.
  • [2362]
    Completed 28/30 story missions. Almost done!
  • [2363]
    completed the game. Main storyline.


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