The Typing of the Dead

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The Typing of the Dead is a typing tutor game where you kill zombies and is thus probably the most entertaining educational game ever! The game is fast-paced and it sort of reminds me of Time Crisis for the PlayStation, with the rail-running gameplay and the crappy voice acting. Actually, the voice acting is hilariously bad, and it is obviously bad on purpose, which becomes evident at the end of the game. The credit listing is accompanied by dancing zombies reminiscent of Michael Jackson's Thriller-video, and of course you can type the names of the developers if you want to. Anyway, the game is crappy in all respects except for the simple fact that it is so entertaining. Here's my score sheet. I can't wait until the sequel comes out...
The Typing of the Dead - DIE Z..O..M..B..I..E..S

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    completed the game on Normal difficulty and got the score: 5325 (DC). Rank: ZombieMaster


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