Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

log entries

  • 2466
    Yay! More brawlers in 2013; first Devil May Cry, and now this.
  • 2469
    Completed 2/8 missions on Normal difficulty.
  • 2470
    Completed 3/8 missions on Normal difficulty.
  • 2013-06-08
  • 2677
    Completed 4/8 missions. Monsoon was a cool boss character whose appearance and powers play on the slicing mechanic. He could avoid getting sliced by separating himself, unless you stunned him and sliced his head. After having taken a few months break from Revengeance, this boss fight was pretty tricky.
  • 2678
    Ninja running up a building. Awesome.
  • 2013-06-09
  • 2679
    Brains. So many brains. With eyes.
  • 2680
    Completed 5/8 missions.
  • 2681
    Completed 6/8 missions.
  • 2683
    Completed 7/8 missions. The boss fight against the hilariously named Jetstream Sam looked cool and was fun, even though it wasn't very challenging.
  • 2684
    You should stop talking, Senator. I just pulled your heart out.
  • 2685
    Yay, let's all laugh and joke about the living disembodied children's brains. Grotesque. The idea is awesome, though. What an insane plot.
  • 2686
    completed the game (Story Mode). Took 6:33:30 to complete.


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