Super Street Fighter II T.HDR (Xbox 360)

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Log entries

  • This is supposedly the best version of Street Fighter II. I've been thinking about buying it for years, but found the 100 DKK price tag a bit on the expensive side. But after looking at the impressive number of Street Fighter games I've played, I decided I needed to play this one as well.
  • If having trouble, Zangief and some Lariats does the trick.
  • Completed the game with Ryu on Medium (2/4) difficulty. Pretty difficult, but without the crazy difficulty spike that seems to be at the end of most fighting games. Bison was no harder than the rest of them.
  • Completed the game with Chun-Li on Medium (2/4) difficulty. What? A branching cut-scene at the end where you can select the fate of Chun-Li? I never knew. And this was in the original Super Street Fighter II as well...

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