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Infra Arcana


Scores - v16:
 6654 ............  with War Veteran on 2014-09-30
 5550 ............  with Rogue on 2014-10-02
 2799 ............  with War Veteran on 2014-09-28
 2611 ............  with War Veteran on 2014-09-29
  563 ............  with War Veteran on 2014-09-30
  127 ............  on 2014-09-28

Scores - v15:
 194 .............  on 2013-08-12

Log entries

  • [2883]
    Got the score 194 in v15. I AM DEAD... at dungeon level 3, character level 3, John was killed by Brown Jenkin, that little disgusting creep. John was 18% insane.
  • 2014-09-28
  • [4609]
    A new version of Infra Arcana was released, v16.0. I'll check it out.
  • [4610]
    Got the score 127 in v16. Dead on depth 2. Great.
  • [4611]
    This version seems much more fully fledged than earlier incarnations... I'm playing as a War Veteran, stabbing Rats with a Pitchfork, and shooting Zombies with a Shotgun.
  • [4612]
    Crash! Dammit.
  • [4613]
    Got the score 2799 in v16. My new War Veteran died on dungeon level 3, overwhelmed by Keziah Mason, Brown Jenkin, Cultists, and Zombies.
  • 2014-09-29
  • [4615]
    Got the score 2611 in v16. Died on level 1, after an insane blood bath of Zombie murder.
  • 2014-09-30
  • [4616]
    Got the score 563 in v16. After a satisfying double barrelled shotgun murder spree, Clear Oozes spewed pus on me until I died.
  • [4617]
    Hitting Ghosts with Sledgehammers... It's Ghost Hammer time.
  • [4618]
    I sure am dying a lot on level 2.
  • [4619]
    Dead by poison. This game is evil.
  • [4620]
    A Fungus from Yuggoth? Intriguing. And then I mauled it with a Sledgehammer. I've reached dungeon level 4 using a Potion of Descent.
  • [4621]
    Got the score 6654 in v16. Duder II was eaten by Spiders on dungeon level 6, Diseased, Blind, and partly insane. He killed Major Clapham-Lee and Dean Halsey.
  • [4622]
    Aha, a Potion of Insight is like a random Identify Scroll.
  • [4623]
    I'm pummeling Deep Ones with a Sledgehammer on level 6.
  • [4624]
    I like the Sledgehammer - gun combo where you smash an enemy into a wall with the hammer and then kill it with a gun.
  • [4625]
    There was a big room with two Fungi from Yuggoth, which kept their distance and attacked me using eletric guns. A pretty tricky battle, but I ended up shooting them both with my trusty M1911.
  • 2014-10-01
  • [4626]
    While I was trying to tend to my wounds, a was suddenly in a horrible fight against hordes of Giant Locust, accompanied by Cultists and Reanimated Corpses. I was trapped in a flooded room, and as a last resort, I tried to throw a Flare out the door and close it. The door was broken down, and I had to defend myself. In the end, I was standing in a blood-soaked room with my Sledgehammer, a survivor with 7 HP left.
  • [4627]
    Argh, a Manuscript of Pestilence - Green Spiders everywhere!
  • [4628]
    Flying Polyps seem to be completely invulnerable to normal attacks, but are weak to electrical attacks. They also paralyze.
  • [4629]
    Two Byakhee were guarding a Strange Device. I wonder what that thing does...
  • [4630]
    A room full of Deep Ones and Poison Oozes? That's a job for Mr. Dynamite.
  • [4631]
    Nooh! On dungeon level 10, Fightor was taking on a veritable horde of Deep Ones with an Axe, but they stabbed me with their spears and I died from 5 Wounds, even though I had plenty of health. I guess that's how Wounds work.
  • 2014-10-02
  • [4633]
    Blind, mentally unstable, and severely wounded, Dude died on level 5.
  • [4634]
    The Rogue was not my first choice, but when I learned how powerful his Cloud Minds ability is, I definitely became more interested. Now I can stab creatures in the dark and get away whenever I want, as long as I have some Spirit left.
  • [4635]
    Got the score 5550 in v16. Slow, Terrified, Wounded and Poisoned, my spirit was drained by horrible Phantasms. The spirit of Roger the Rogue was drained, he is devoid of life.
  • 2014-10-13
  • [4670]
    I think untreated Infections turn into Disease after a couple of rounds. Disease seems to lover your HP - possibly permanently?
  • [4671]
    OK, disease cured itself after a (long) while.
  • 2014-10-14
  • [4672]
    Johnn the War Veteran died from posion on level 7.
  • 2015-02-19
  • [5077]
    Yes, version 17 is out! Must play soon.
  • 2015-02-20
  • [5080]
    Dodgy the Rogue died on level 3 from a wolfbite.
  • [5081]
    Shota the War Veteran died on level 3 from trying to kick down a door while extremely weak from poison.
  • 2015-02-21
  • [5088]
    Level 1 turned into a nightmare for my Occultist, he can't proceed due to a locked door, and he's been attacked by giant spiders, zombies, and a dozens of rats and Rat-things pouring out from a crumbling wall. He's now 12% insane, and has become arachnophobic.
  • 2016-04-11
  • [6424]
    Version 18.1 has a Ghoul class! Yay!
  • [6425]
    Ghoulie the Ghoul died on level 1.
  • 2016-08-17
  • [6850]
    Fightor the War Veteran encountered a Floating Skull that seemed impossible to hit. He ended up lighting a stick of Dynamite and dropping it at his own feet, killing the Floating Skull and himself.
  • [6851]
    Oh no, I read a manuscript, and snakes started to appear everywhere, and my sanity is slipping...
  • [6852]
    And I'm dead. Why did it have to be snakes?
  • 2016-08-18
  • [6853]
    My new favourite thing: bashing stuff with 'w'! I can step on corpses with to avoid them reanimating, kick down doors, or just destroy statues. I love how the 1-tile statue turns into 2 tiles of rubble. Great attention to detail.
  • [6854]
    Roger the Rogue had an exciting encounter with a bunch of zombies accompanied by cultists. He had to run away and spike a door to be able to heal a wound and carry on. Later on, in the same level, he encountered a Strange Shape. He stepped onto it and a Black Mamba appeared. Why did it have to be a snake? It seems like there is just much more stuff going on in even the first dungeon level in v18.2.
  • [6855]
    Ah. Strange Shapes are magical traps.
  • [6856]
    Arghh, 4 Reanimated Corpsed chopped Roger down with rusty axes in dungeon level 3.
  • [6859]
    Roger the Rogue reached depth 4. He was being chased by Major Clapham-Lee, a horde of Ghouls and Reanimated Corpses, and a Floating Skull. Not even a Sledgehammer and a Stick of Dynamite was enough to get out of that one.
  • [6860]
    Magey the Occultist cast Darkbolt, reached 0 Spirit, and died.
  • [6861]
    Roger II, the son of Roger, read a Manuscript of Pestilence that summoned a terrible horde of friendly spiders.
  • 2016-08-20
  • [6864]
    Roger IV reached dungeon level 5, but has gotten Necrophobia, which was particularly horrible in this level, when he was swarmed by around 15 horrible zombies in a dead end of the dungeon. Out of his wits, he drank a few potions, one of which was a Potion of Descent. It took quite a few turns to activate, and he was wounded and mauled by the zombies, escaping just before his death to dungeon level 6.
  • [6865]
    I have learned a few things:
    • @ shows your character description, including known potions and manuscripts,
    • inventory encumbrance can be seen as percentages in the inventory,
    • dropping items in the inventory is shift+select, and
    • weakness seems to be a temporary affliction, unrelated to inventory encumbrance.
  • [6866]
    Roger IV reached dungeon level 6 and was murdered by a horde of Deep Ones.
  • 2016-08-23
  • [7708]
    Streamed video.


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