Tekken Tag Tournament

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Tekken Tag Tournament

log entries

  • 3045
    Jauert, Nabaz, Bjørn, and me used to play this a lot at Jauerts place in Aalborg.
  • 2016-06-11
  • 6584
    I never owned this, but got a disc as a free bonus game from Lukie Games. Unfortunately, I can't play a NTSC game on my PAL PS2, but PCSX2 1.4 will play the disc without any problems.
  • 6585
    Bryan is so bald.
  • 6586
    I forgot that Unknown was in this game. Along with her floating wolf buddy.
  • 6587
    completed the game with Bryan and Jin on Normal (2/5) difficulty using 1 continues (Arcade).
  • 2016-06-19
  • 6623
    completed the game with Heihachi and Hwoarang on Hard (3/5) difficulty using 2 continues (Arcade).
  • 6624
    Got the score 7 in Survival (PCSX2).


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