POWDER (Game Boy Advance)

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I went looking for a roguelike for PSP, and POWDER came up. The game was written by Jeff Lait, who wanted a roguelike for his GameBoy Advance, and decided to make one himself. It's derived from Nethack, which I never really played that much. It was ported to many other platforms, including PSP.
Yay, a room of monsters!


 856 .............  on 2013-10-12
 790 .............  on 2013-10-20

Log entries

  • [3074]
    I look forward to trying a new type of roguelike, one not derived from Moria.
  • [3075]
    After a few rough games with my character dying on dungeon depth 1, my current game is going swimmingly. George3, my fighter has survived for 43 minutes and reached depth 5. I had a troublesome encounter with a really strong named Floating Eye on depth 4, but managed to zap it with a Wand of teleport and escape to depth 5.
  • [3076]
    Got the score 856. I fought bravely and vanquished 114 creatures, including 10 Trolls and a Cockatrice, and even fought a Red Dragon, which I managed to teleport away before it killed me. I ended up clubbed to death by a Cave Troll.
  • [3077]
    I love that you can observe your enemies move around and loot your corpse after you are dead.
  • 2013-10-13
  • [3079]
    I reached depth 4, and killed and ate a Blue Dragon. Awesome. And then a Cockatrice turned me to stone.
  • 2013-10-20
  • [3098]
    Got the score 790. Just played a great game of POWDER (v117) on my MacBook. My evil necromancer, Salat, reached dungeon level 6 and was killed by a Blue Dragon.


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